3 Zilla Features That Help You Save Money

3 Zilla Features That Help You save Money

If you thought Zilla features only help you buy now and pay later, you’re missing out on other Zilla features that can help you save money.

Yes, the primary benefit you get from Zilla is its buy now pay later service. But that’s not where it ends, and in this article, we’ll show you 3 Zilla features that will ensure you’re able to make some money while you spend.

Keep reading to check out these 3 cool Zilla features that will help you build your savings in no time.

What are these Zilla features that help you save money?

2% Cashbacks

Apart from allowing you split your payments with different payment plans, Zilla offers a 2% cashback when you choose to pay in full for a transaction. So if you’ve ever wondered whether Zilla is for you even when you have the full amount to pay, the answer is yes.

With the cashback, you get to earn some money back when you pay for your shopping, and while 2% might look small, don’t forget that it’s the tiny drops of water, that make a mighty ocean. When you’re trying to build your savings, every amount counts.

Split Payments

Sometimes we want to buy things but don’t have the full amount, and that’s where Zilla comes in. With a range of payment plans from paying back in 4 weeks, to paying back in 8 weeks, Zilla payments allow you to enjoy convenient, affordable, payments.

This means that you can afford to buy the things you need, when you need them, and not worry about stretching your paycheck too thin.

0% Interest

Sometimes, people ask us what the difference between credit (which Zilla provides), and loans. Well, one of the major differences, is that with loans, you have to pay back the capital with interest, which makes repayment more expensive.

With Zilla’s credit on the other hand, you’re not only able to do a part payment at the point of purchase, but also pay back the remaining payments, without any additional interests.

This means that you complete your payments, without incurring more bills in the process. If there was ever a way to save, this is it.

So there you have it, start using these 3 cool Zilla features today, when you open a Zilla account. You can start here.

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