Zilla 2.0: A New Look

Introducing Zilla 2.0

We did a thing, and we are excited to tell you all about it! 

By now, you probably know that our goal is to make sure you can get whatever you want now and spread the payment in flexible bits. For us to achieve this, we are always on the lookout for ways to help you achieve the soft life that you are aiming for. 

Not to drag you back, but do you remember the last update we made? Yeah, the one that enables you to now spread your payment across 8 weeks. Haven’t heard about it, I think you should quickly acquaint yourself with it.

Okay, back to real-time. Know how you get shocked when you see someone with their faces made up, and they look like a completely different person? You’ve probably seen that before. Not here, though! Zilla 2.0 is basically a soft glam. A more beautiful and improved version of our first web app.

Samuel, our Product Lead explaining what our latest update is all about.

Not to brag, but let me tell you about some of the new changes and features we have added to the web app.

Why Zilla 2.0 Is More Superior

To provide a better and smoother online experience, we made various changes to the outlook of the web application that will make navigating  the web app easier. Here are some of the changes we made:

1. Balance 

The previous version of the web app only displayed your Credit Balance and Wallet Balance in the balance section.  to make it really simple for you, we also included “Total Balance” so you can find out your total balance at a glance as soon as you log in.

Zilla 2.0 Balance page

Figure 1 Balance Segment (Before)

Account Overview page on Zilla 2.0

Figure 2 Balance Segment (Now)

2. My purchases 

Our aim with this layout is to help you understand the breakdown of your purchases. We simplified the whole outlook in a way that makes it really easy for you to see what you have bought and the payment plan you chose. In the previous update all you could see were:

  • The items purchased
  • The status
  • The date 
  • The cost of item
My purchases page before

Figure 3 My Purchases (Before)

In Zilla 2.0, this section has a more modern feel. It contains all the above, but the major difference is that you can now see the payment plan that you chose, which gives you more control than with the previous web app. Plus it’s really sleek. 

My purchases page on Zilla 2.0

Figure 4 My Purchases (Now)

3. My Payment

The old outlook of this section was very similar to the outlook of My Purchases. It previously included:

  • Items
  • Date
  • Cost of Item
  • Prompt to Pay

Figure 5 My Payments (Before)

While the previous one was okay, we decided to switch it up to give it a better outlook for easier understanding. With this update, there is a clear distinction between your overdue payments and your upcoming payments, this feature is designed to help you plan and prepare appropriately. Additionally, for clarity and ease of understanding, the word “repayment” has been changed to “My payments”.

My payment page on Zilla 2.0

Figure 6  My Payments (Now)

4. Onboarding

Yeah, this also received a makeover. The previous onboarding had a list of things a user is required to submit, but we decided to streamline the process to make it more user-friendly and make signing up a breeze. With this new onboarding process, you now have a sense of direction on what to do next after completing each stage, it’s like a to-do list for new users. 

Onboarding page before

Figure 7  Onboarding (Before)

The new onboarding process has a cleaner look to it and guides the user along the way. Now, they know exactly what steps to take.

Onboarding page on Zilla 2.0

Figure 8 Onboarding (Now)

In addition to the above, because we know that signing up to a new platform is not the most interesting thing to do, we added congratulatory messages, so that every time you complete a particular section of the onboarding process, you are encouraged to move forward.

Message 1

Figure 9 Message 1

message 2

Figure 10 Message 2

5. Merchant categories

The merchant category which was on the extreme right of the page has now been moved just below the onboarding section. This change gives the whole page a minimalistic look that is visually pleasing.

Figure 11 Merchant Categories (Before)

Figure 12 Merchant Categories (Now)

6. Icons

The four main icons that represent Overview, My purchases, My Payments and Settings were changed to blend with the new outlook and design of the page.

Figure 13 Icon (Before)

Figure 14 Icons (Now)


During the process of redesigning our web app, one of our goals was to ensure that users could navigate it easily; another was to ensure the design was free from unnecessary distractions. We want people to be able to afford the lifestyle they desire without breaking the bank, and everything we do, including updating our web app, helps us get closer to that goal.

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