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Payment plan on Zilla

Spoiler Alert: This update means that you now have another payment plan to split your payments, and it takes affordability, and convenience up a notch!

We launched a new payment plan on Zilla, and we wanted you to be the first to know about it. But first, a quick recap of our mission with Zilla, and how this update helps us serve you better.

What Is Zilla’s Mission?

At Zilla, we believe that there are better ways for young Africans to pay when they shop, beyond complete payments. Our goal is to make sure you have the flexibility to buy what you need when you need it, and whether you have the full amount to pay or not.

This means that the Zilla team is always working to ensure that you can #PayBetterWithZilla. We want you to have access to flexible, convenient, and affordable payments. This mission is the reason we’ve launched a new plan for your payments.

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What’s The New Update?

Since we launched Zilla last year, we’ve created 3 payment plans that allowed you;

  • Pay in 4 – Spread your payments into 4 installments over a 6-week period.

  • Pay Twice – Spread your payments into 2 installments over a 30-day period.

  • Pay in full – Complete all your payments, and get a 2% cashback.

These plans all come with the additional benefits of:

  • 0% interest and fees on all payments

  • Access up to ₦300,000 in shopping credit

While the above payment plans are great, we’re excited to announce that in addition to the above payment plan, you can now enjoy Zilla’s new 8-week plan, which we’re calling -> Pay In 3 πŸŽ‰. With this new payment option, you get to:

  • Complete your payments in 60 days.

  • Pay 50% upfront, and spread the remaining 50% over two months.

  • You’ll pay the second installment at the end of a 30-day period, and the last installment after the second consecutive 30-day period. This means that you will complete your payments over a 60-day period.

But what is the value of an additional 2 weeks to spread my payments? We’re diving into the difference between this new plan and the older one, to help you see why it’s valuable.

How Is This Payment Plan Different?

Central to everything we do at Zilla, is making payments more flexible, affordable, and convenient. This new payment plan makes flexible, affordable, and convenient payments even easier. With this new 60-day plan, you now have 2 months, and 2 paychecks, to complete your payments.

  • This 60-day plan means that instead of completing your payment from one paycheck, you can complete it from two paychecks. This way, the hassle of taking a big chunk out of your salary for replacements, is taken care of.

  • Having a 60-day plan also gives you a longer period to complete your payments, and speaks to our value of making payments convenient.

    We all know that sometimes life happens, and you need a little longer to honor your commitments. With these additional two weeks, we’re helping you have enough time to pay when life happens.

So, what’s in this new plan for Zilla customers?

What This Payment Plan Means for Shoppers

Our shoppers on Zilla, use our payment plans to buy what they want, when they want it, from our Zilla merchants. So an extended payment period means that they can:

  • Afford to buy items they previously couldn’t afford to buy and pay back with the 30-day, and 6-week plans.

  • Complete payments with two paychecks, instead of one – because why run out of money mid-month because you need to complete payments.

  • Enjoy more affordable payments, since they now have a longer time to spread their payments.

What This Payment Plan Means For Merchants

We’ve not left our merchants with this update. The new Zilla payment update means that Zilla merchants can now offer new benefits to their new and existing customers like:

  • An extended payment period, so that your customers can afford the items they want.

  • Different payment options, to appeal to different customer needs, so that you don’t have to lose any customers.

  • A payment plan that allows them to them pay more conveniently than they’ve previously done.

Now that you know what the new payment plan is, here’s how to use it.

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How To Use The 8-week Payment Plan

Like our other payment plans, the process is simple, and takes you only a few minutes to use. If you’re a Zilla Shopper (click here if you’re not πŸ˜‰), here’s how to use this new update:

  • Click on the Zilla merchant’s checkout link

  • Input the title of your purchase and its amount, and click on the “Proceed” to checkout button.

  • You’ll be prompted to log into your Shoppers’ account, with your email and password.

  • Once in, you’ll see a button to change your “Payment Plan” to the preferred method.

  • Select the Pay in 3 plan, to pay 50% upfront, and the remaining 50% over 2 months.

It’s that simple to use our new payment plan, so whether you’re an existing Zilla customer, or you’re about to open your Zilla Shopper or Merchant account, this new update is for you – to ensure that you can access affordable, flexible, and convenient payments.

What’s Next?

We’re always reading your comments, DMs, and emails, to get your feedback about Zilla. Please keep them coming, so that we can continue to build payment solutions that allow you to #PayBetterWithZilla.


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