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Merchant spotlight. ALMAbyAlma, a fashion brand

In this interview, we hear from Alma, the founder of ALMAbyAlma, a Nigerian contemporary fashion brand that not only focuses on creating stylish and comfortable outfits, but also gives back to the community by feeding a child on the street with every outfit sold. Alma shares her inspiration for starting the business, what sets ALMAbyAlma apart, and the challenges and opportunities of running a business in Nigeria. She also discusses her partnership with Zilla and the benefits it has brought to her business. Alma reflects on the ups and downs of being a business owner and her willingness to recommend Zilla to other merchants. Get ready to learn more about the unique story and mission behind ALMAbyAlma and Alma’s experience in the fashion industry.

Image of Alma, the owner of the fashion brand ALMAbyAlma
Alma, Founder of ALMAbyAlma

Tell us a bit about yourself and what your company is all about?

My name is Alma, and I am the founder of ALMAbyAlma, a Nigerian contemporary fashion brand. We cater to the Ready-to-wear and bespoke fashion needs of the fashionable person. With each outfit sold, a percentage of it goes to feed a child on the street. We aim to produce outfits that help people feel their best every day of their lives.

When did you start your business and what inspired you to start?

I started ALMAbyAlma in March 2017. My Inspiration to start the Brand came from the need to undeniably be myself and pass a message with my outfits. At ALMAbyAlma, we aim to create outfits that speak to people, are comfortable, and yet still different. I enjoy the experience of giving life to fabric and the ability to make basically anything from just a piece of fabric.

What makes Almabyalma stand out?

We believe in having our own voice and in the originality of the value that we deliver to our clients. We love for our clients to feel like they are not just getting a good product, but also getting it from a good brand.

Image of a woman wearing a black dress made by ALMAbyAlma standing close to plants
Outift from ALMAbyAlma

What is it like running a business like yours in Nigeria?

Nigeria is a land of both huge opportunities and challenges. Running a business in Nigeria is sometimes draining as there’s a constant increase in the cost of clothing supplies; which in turn creates a spike in the cost of production. But we have realized that the trick is to exploit the opportunities while also trying hard to overcome the Challenges.

How long have you been a Zilla partner?

We’ve been partners for a little close to 5 months.

What are your short and long-term business goals?

Growth! Our goal is to keep growing and getting better in our services, We intend to spread across the global market. We also plan on a vocational foundation where we can give back to the community in terms of training.

How has Zilla helped you achieve them?

Zilla has made business easy for us. The “buy now, pay later” has gone a long way in increasing our client base because our customers don’t have to wait till they have the full money for their purchase till they can shop from the brand.

Have there been times when you wanted to quit? How did you deal with it?

I’d say countless times. There isn’t a definite way of dealing with it. What works for me particularly is knowing how much work I’ve put into my Brand and knowing that, “I haven’t come this far just to come this far”

Image of a lady wearing a kimono and matching pants designed by ALMAbyAlma.
Outfit designed by ALMAbyAlma

What’s your favourite thing about being a business owner?

Flexibility basically. Having to do things in my own time and in the exact way I want it.

How likely are you to recommend Zilla to other merchants and why?

Very likely. I have spread the Zilla message to a lot of merchants that I know because I want business easy for them just as it has become for me.

ALMAbyAlma stands out as a unique fashion brand, and the brand’s mission to make a positive impact on the community is truly admirable and inspiring. ALMAbyAlma is not only a brand that delivers quality products, but also makes a difference in the community.

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