From Skeptic to Fan: Aliu’s Journey with Zilla

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Meet Aliu Malik Tunde, a Domino’s Pizza employee based in Ilorin State who stumbled upon Zilla on Instagram and never looked back. From furniture to gadgets, Aliu has been using Zilla to make all of his purchases with ease and convenience. And with the introduction of cardZilla, his options are endless. Join Aliu on his journey with Zilla and see how it can change the way you shop.

Hi Tell us a bit about yourself 

I’m Aliu Malik Tunde, based in Ilorin State. I work at Domino’s Pizza. 

How did you get to know about Zilla?

I came across Zila on Instagram. I saw a post and picked interest in it because I kind of appreciate things like that, where you pay for what you want in bits and get your item immediately. I considered it to be unique. I mean, there’s no interest! You get to pay the exact price.

What were your initial expectations?

I didn’t really believe in it, especially because it’s all operated online, also things like this usually require guarantors and stuff like that. It went from “is this real?” to “yeah this is real!” as soon as I was given my shopping credit.

What have you been using Zilla for?

I’ve been using Zilla to buy a lot of stuff, and when people see me they’ll be like “guy, you’re rich o.” They don’t know my secret. Everything is coded. I have a really nice table and chair from Lekeku. In fact, that was my first Zilla purchase and it went so smoothly and quickly. I also have some gadgets from Clasicos hub which I purchased when I was preparing for my service year. I’m a regular customer o, I’ve bought so many things with Zilla and I intend to buy more.

What will you tell someone who’s skeptical about using Zilla?

I could stand in as a guarantor for Zilla, I’ll be like “guy if this thing no work, come carry me”. That’s how much I believe in the product.


Yeah, it’s that great, especially with the introduction of cardZilla. It’s very wonderful, especially because I will be able to use it at any store I want, if a Zilla merchant doesn’t want what I have.

How has using Zilla changed your approach to shopping?

Seriously, buying things has become so easy for me. I never have to worry too much about when a need arises, because I get to pay at my own convenience without breaking the bank. It has been such a game changer. In fact, one of my younger sisters who just gained admission into uni has been telling me about her countless needs, and my mind is at rest because I know that I can pay in bits.

If you could go on an all expense paid shopping spree with any celebrity, who would you choose?

That will be Baba nla .

Who is Baba nla?

Wizkid. I have been a fan of his for so long. If I were to go with him, it won’t be because of the things I want to get, but because of the love I have for him.

I really like what you guys are doing at Zilla, and I hope that you keep it up.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Aliu Malik Tunde! It’s great to hear how Zilla has made shopping easier for you and how it’s changed your approach to buying things. Your positive feedback and support for Zilla means a lot to us. Keep on enjoying your shopping with Zilla and who knows, maybe one day you’ll get to go on that shopping spree with Wizkid! Thanks for chatting with us.

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