How does Zilla really work?

How does Zilla work?

At Zilla, we want you to shop till you drop. Seriously. You see it, you like it, you want it, you got it. That’s how we want you to live. But life does not always listen to Ariana Grande. And that’s where we come in, Ariana’s little helpers that we are.

What we offer

Buy now, pay later. Yes, just like that. As simple as ABC. When you sign up with Zilla as a customer, you get access to a beautiful, interest-free line of credit that you can use at your favourite stores.

You want slides from Gbemisoke Shoescha-ching! You’ve got them.

Gbemisoke shoes

The Dadakino Table from Lekeku will seriously transform your workspace, but you can’t pay for it all right now. Oh, wait. Look, we made it happen!

Dadakino table from Lekeku

We are working very hard to make sure that whatever you need, you never have to wait to buy it ever again.

A true love story.

The ABCs.

  1. Sign up to Zilla and do all the registration things.
  2. Go to your favourite retail store, pick what you want, and choose to pay with Zilla.
  3. Pay ONE instalment immediately, and choose how you want to pay the rest. You can spread it over a period of up to eight weeks. We’ll let you know exactly how much you owe, and when it is due.
  4. Go forth, chop the life of your head, and make sure you carry your friends along.

That’s it. Enjoy yourself.

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