How to Celebrate Easter with Your Loved Ones Online

Easter is a time of joy, hope, and renewal. It’s also a time to connect with your loved ones and celebrate the season together. But what if you can’t meet up with your friends in person because of the japa wave? Does that mean you have to miss out on the fun and festivities?

Not at all! Thanks to technology, you can still celebrate Easter with your friends online and have a blast. Here are some ideas on how to do that:

5 ways to Celebrate Easter with Your Loved Ones Online

  1. Host a virtual Easter brunch. Nothing says Easter like a delicious brunch with your favourite people. You can use Zoom, Facetime, or any other video chat app to host a virtual Easter brunch with your friends. You can either cook the same recipes or share your own creations. Puff puff is pretty easy to make (see this recipe guide by Sisi Yemmie on Youtube) and you don’t even have to share yours with your friends that like it with ata rodo. You can all be jolly and celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus together without having to endure each others’ culinary creativity.

    You can also play some games, and catch up on each other’s lives. If you are in Nigeria and they are not, you reserve the right to hang up on them if they bring up any of the strange things happening here right now. We stand with you.
  1. Have an online Easter egg hunt. Yes, it’s not a Nigerian thing and it’s designed for children but we need all the fun we can get right now. You can have an online Easter egg hunt with your friends and challenge them to find hidden eggs on various websites. You can use Google Maps, Wikipedia, YouTube, or any other site that has images or videos. You can either create clues or give hints to help your friends find the eggs. You can also set a time limit and award prizes to the winners.

    Think about the state of the economy before picking prizes though. *side eye*
  1. Watch a movie together. If you’re in the mood for some entertainment, you can watch a movie together with your friends online. You can use Netflix Party, Watch2Gether, or any other app that lets you sync your video streams and chat with your friends. You can choose from classic Easter movies if you’re into that, or you can go with rib-cracking options. Whatever you like best. 

  1. Send each other Easter gifts. If you want to surprise your friends with something special, you can send them Easter gifts online. You can either order something from an online store or make something yourself and mail it to them. You can send them candy, flowers, books, jewellery, or anything else that you think they would like (There are many stores that accept Zilla you can buy some of these gift ideas from- check them here). You can also include a personal note or card to express your love and appreciation.

    We’ll take some kilishi at the Zilla HQ, thanks.

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These are just some of the ways you can celebrate Easter with your friends online and have a memorable time. Remember that distance doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying this wonderful occasion with your loved ones. All you need is some creativity, enthusiasm, and a good internet connection.

Happy Easter!

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