How to sell more in 2022.

3 Zilla Features That Help You save Money

When someone tweeted that they 23xed their income this year, we all went crazy and cried hot, ‘God when’ tears. It seemed so foreign, unbelievable, and unachievable – not to sound all aspire to perspire, but you can do it!

For most business owners, doubling down on hustles, and working smarter are the typical approaches to smashing all the set business goals. And that makes sense. Usually, the most important goal is to SELL MORE- sales are never enough.

So, how do you get EVEN MORE?

Easy – Think about potential customers who leave ‘wow’ comments on all your product posts but never buy because it’s not a good time. The ones that come and ask for more details in the DMs and then run away because you don’t do credit. The people who love, want, and need your product, but can’t make the finances work right now.

How do you help them, and in the process, help yourself?

Think Zilla!

We are that guy that enables your customers to buy from you and pay later in instalments. The best part, for every transaction, we will settle you instantly in full while your customers pay us back. Trust me, it’s real.

Now, let’s blow your mind. Your customers will repay us at 0% interest and with no hidden fees! They can spread payments for up to 8 weeks! Even when they decide to pay in full instantly, they get 2% instant cash-back. Sweet, right?

Whatever product you sell, from electronic gadgets, beauty products, apparel & accessories, home appliances, and many more, we’ve got you covered.

Now imagine that you had Zilla all through the holiday sales…omo! You need to hop on the Zilla train now. Simply visit to get started for free!

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Here Are 7 Reasons You Should Become A Zilla Merchant Today

Instant Payment: For every product you sell with Zilla, you get paid instantly. No gimmicks, no long wait. Just keep selling.

Get more people buying: Becoming a Zilla merchant allows you to sell more products at a faster rate. The more customers you have, the more you sell, and your profit margin goes higher.

Flexible Payment Options: Zilla offers flexible and more payment options. Your customers are allowed to purchase a product and pay for it over time, at their convenience with no risk to you at all. They can choose to pay in instalments via debit cards, mobile payments, electronic bank transfers, etc.

Pricing: Our pricing is friendly. For every transaction we process for merchants, we charge a flat rate of 5%. That means, 5% on every product sold.

In-Store Marketing Materials and Branding: We will provide you with branding materials so that your customers will know you accept Zilla. We also help you strategize on effective marketing tactics to further help your business drive massive sales.

Responsive Customer Support: Whatever you need, whenever and however you need it, we are always available to give you the best support and help you reach your business goals.

Ease & Transparency: We’ve made Zilla very simple and easy to use for both merchants and customers. We understand that not everyone is tech-savvy and as such designed Zilla to be easy to use. What’s more, it’s safe and transparent. You are in charge of your business and you can track every transaction you make with Zilla.

Now convinced? Waste no more time and start selling more today.
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