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Merchant spotlight

Starting a business in Nigeria is not an easy feat, maintaining it is a more complex task. Bringing businesses and companies closer to consumers and customers is one of the reasons why Zilla exists.

Our new series “Merchant Spotlight” aims to highlight some of these businesses and give insight into what it’s like to run one. This week, we are spotlighting a furniture company called Lekeku.

We sat down with the CEO of Lekeku to discuss what running a furniture company looks like, what motivates them when things get tough, and the future of the company. Let’s dive in.

What’s your company all about?

Lekeku is a furniture company. We aim to produce more than 10,000 pieces of furniture across Nigeria and bridge the gap between furniture and technology in a few years.

What inspired you to start this business?

Nigeria has a lot of untapped potential and resources. Our primary motivation for entering the furniture industry was our desire to be creative and make a difference while at it. Give us a piece of wood and see what we will turn it into. Being able to make something out of nothing is our greatest joy and drive.

What is it like running a business like yours in Nigeria?

Honestly, no business is easy to run in Nigeria. Running a furniture company is extremely draining; having to run the workshop 24/7, dealing with the constant increase in the prices of raw materials, having to create our delivery system, etc. The customer care department suffers the most because people often place orders for furniture pieces and expect them to be delivered the same day, but Lagos traffic makes that impossible. But I’m glad we have it all figured out.

How long have you been a Zilla partner?

We’ve been working with Zilla for close to 4 months.

What are your business goals?

  • We are currently working on infusing technology into furniture pieces and hope to unveil them when we are ready.
  • Having more than 10,000 Lekeku furniture pieces in every part of Nigeria annually.
  • Empowering the youth and bringing the best creative minds into Lekeku.

Nigeria has a lot of opportunities, and we intend to explore every space.

How has Zilla helped you achieve these business goals?

Zilla has made business easy for us. Our statistics show that people who reach out only when they have the complete funds to buy a piece of furniture have reduced by 75%, with more people continually choosing the option to buy now, pay later. Zilla has made the business grow a lot faster.

How likely are you to recommend Zilla?

The majority of the people close to me already know about Zilla. It’s a necessity, so I sing the anthem.


If you want to become a Zilla merchant, follow these steps.

Take a look at Lekeku’s Instagram account to learn more about their furniture pieces and see all the stunning pieces they offer. Take your furniture shopping a step further by using Zilla to get your hands on some of their pieces.

If you have any questions, please let us know. You can reach us on 08147198097 or email us at (9am to 6pm Monday to Friday, and 10am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday).

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