The Perfect Easter Gifts Guide For Everyone

The perfect Easter gift guide

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you would know that Easter is just around the corner, and it’s both time for some Easter gifts, and also the break we’ve all been looking for – hello four-day weekend👋 

Anyway, because we’ve always got your back at Zilla, we decided to compile this Easter gifts guide to help you give the perfect Easter gifts to your family, friends, colleagues, boss, boo, and even your enemies!

Check the gift ideas below out, to avoid any awkward gift opening moments.

Skincare Products

Easter Gifts Guide - Skincare product

We all know people in our lives who are obsessed with having good skin, and that’s okay if you’re reading this as a good skin obsessed person. If you know anything about them, it’s that they love skincare products, and will always appreciate a new one.

So you can take a stab at gifting them something that makes them truly smile this Easter. Zilla has a bunch of merchants that stock amazing skincare items, so check them out;

Click here for a full list of our beauty and skincare merchants

Books and Stationery

Book and stationery

For the book lovers in your life, Faith-based books and other books will be the perfect gift/companion for the Easter holiday.

Every book lover is always excited to get new books especially during a long break, so your gifts will be very appreciated.

Does Zilla have book merchants too? Yes we do, and here’s a list for you to choose from;

Food 😋

Easter Gifts Guide - Food

Everybody loves a good meal, especially one they didn’t have to prepare. So think about how happy it would make your friends or family, when they have a nice Easter meal waiting for them, after their Easter service.

The best part? They wouldn’t even have to lift a finger because Zilla’s food merchants have them covered.

Home Essentials

Easter Gifts Guide - Home Essential

A soothing home or office fragrance is simply pleasing to everyone. Who wouldn’t appreciate that? Or the elegant touch of a beautiful and luxurious ceramic chariot wine and glass rack on the table for dinner. Lohn lagos or Oluremieko.

Lifestyle Products

Whether your friends are adventurous and love going out for a good time, or they have a health condition you know about, or you just want bae to relax and be taken kiaroff, we have merchants that can help.

You can hit up any of our lifestyle merchants to curate an experience your friend/family won’t forget in a long time. 

Here’s a list of our lifestyle merchants that can help you make their holiday memorable.

Fashion and Accessories

Easter Gifts Guide - fashion and Accessories

These never go out of style, you know. So think about elegant neckties for men, those pretty dresses for children, and a sassy dress for ladies.

Health Services

Easter Gifts Guide - Health Services

One gift I know just about everyone will appreciate, is a massage session, because adulting is a lot! So if your family, friends, or bae have been werkinggg, that’s a treat that will bang.

You can check out merchant Aura Bodyworks for this particular.

How To Pay For Easter Gifts with Zilla.

How to pay for Easter gifts with Zilla

Step 1: Open A Zilla Account

Simply click this link, and it will take you to an account creation screen. Fill in the required information, and tada, your Zilla Shopper account is open.

Step 2: Get your shopping credit

In your Zilla Shopper account dashboard, click on get shopping credit. Fill out the information and boom! You can access to up #300,000 in shopping credit, and split your payments, so that you can pay for the Easter gifts you are getting.

Win win right? Well that’s because here at Zilla, we’re committed to you winning!  With all our love, we wish you a delightful Easter holiday and celebration.

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