Zilla: Understanding the merchant fee.

Zilla merchant fee

Our why

For us at Zilla, we have been very intentional about not just building another payment method. We want to offer shoppers a flexible solution that fits their lifestyle, so they can shop for what they love now in easy installments at no extra cost.

We believe that both parties (shoppers and merchants) benefit from a transaction. But for credit payments, the customers usually bear the weight of the fees (interest rates). By charging merchants, we ensure that both sides have skin in the game, which encourages growth and makes our community stronger.

And our model is simple, offer merchants more sales for a fee. A standard 5% fee for every transaction processed while shoppers spread payments at zero interest.

The sweet deal

From time to time, I get questions like the one below; asking why we charge our merchant a fee for processing the transaction and not the shopper.

Questions about Zilla Merchant fee

Here’s why:

At Zilla, we take pride in building useful solutions for our users- both shoppers and merchants. While doing this, we are equally focused on building a sustainable business that can thrive at scale. Developing a pricing strategy that works for the merchant and also works for us as a business is important.

We understand that running a business is hard. Our simple pricing enables your customers to buy what they love today and pay at a later date. We deduct our fees from the instant settlement we make to you as soon as payment is completed. It doesn’t get simpler!

Like I said earlier, we aren’t just building another payment solution like Paystack or Flutterwave, we are offering you more. When a merchant chooses to use Zilla, they get:

  • Zero integration fees
  • Zero subscription fees
  • Zero maintenance fees
  • Zero credit risk
  • Instant settlement
  • Fast checkout
  • New customers
  • Higher retention
  • Increased sales growth
  • Increase in average order size
  • More payment options
  • Effortless integration

Breakdown of our pricing

Compared to other methods businesses employ to grow their sales, having a solution like Zilla that provides shoppers with a flexible payment option is a sure way to directly impact sales growth. Plus you only pay Zilla for the transactions processed. That means Zilla doesn’t make a dime if you don’t make money. Sounds like a fair deal. Yeah?

For businesses with smaller margins, letting go of 5% can be a hassle. I get it, I understand how these things can be. But think of the Zilla fees as a collective cost of:

  • Processing the transaction (your typical processor will charge 1.5% + 100 for this)
  • Growing sales (this will include the cost of running ads, discounts, referrals, etc. Some of which don’t always convert)
  • Eliminating credit risk (think of the hassle of chasing a customer who bought on credit and is taking longer to pay back)
  • Eliminating liquidity risk (all the money you have tied outside cos of customers who buy on credit, all that money can be used to increase your inventory)
  • Offering shoppers’ satisfaction (increased value)
  • Acquisition and Retention (more than 10M impressions are driven by Zilla to our merchant partners. Plus a shopper is likely to buy from you again if you have Zilla at checkout)

Wow! that’s so much value. Now you get why this makes so much sense for you as a business. Right?

My people say: “na money dem dey use make money” Let’s help you grow your business. Regardless of the size of your business or the industry of your business, Zilla is for you. Get started today and start using Zilla to accept flexible payments from your customers.

Create a free merchant account here: https://www.merchant.usezilla.com

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