Zilla x Taeillo, baby!

One of the promises we make to our customers is that you will be able to use Zilla at all of your favourite stores.

And so we have partnered with Taeillo!

If you’ve been looking for furniture that is bedder than anything that you’ve ever owned, and you don’t know who Taeillo is, let’s do a quick introduction.

Taeillo is a furniture and lifestyle brand that designs and manufactures African-inspired furniture using locally sourced materials and both local and modern technology. Their pieces are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Pretty cool, yes?

Taeillo partners with Zilla

Zilla has now partnered with Taeillo to provide you with more flexible payment options. How amazing is that? This means that you no longer have to wait till payday to get that furniture you need. Buy now, and pay later!

Come back to a home that is both beautiful and functional. Your cozy couch, beautiful dining set that matches the aesthetics of your home perfectly, a firm, supportive bed, so you can dream great dreams.

We are very excited about this partnership, and we know you will make the most of it. We have more amazing partnerships coming that we cannot wait to share with you.

Bye, and have an amazing weekend.

With love,

Mae from Zilla.

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